The Haftarah for this week’s parsha is I Kings 18:20-39. In this haftarah, the wicked King Ahav and Queen Jezebel encourage Israel to worship Ba’al and other forms of idolatry. In response to this, the Prophet Elijah calls for a 3 year drought. At the end of this drought, he challenges King Ahav and the prophets of Ba’al to appear on Mt. Carmel and to see who is the true G-d. Elijah allows the prophets of Ba’al to go first. These prophets cry and cut themselves all day in order to get their god to listen and to send fire from heaven. Elijah then takes his altar, pours water all over it and all over the sacrifice, asks HaShem to call down fire from heaven and consume his offering. HaShem answers immediately. The people fear HaShem and execute Ba’al’s prophets.

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